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Actionable Tips to Help Improve your Employee Performance Management Process

Actionable Tips to Help Improve your Employee Performance Management ProcessAs a human resources manager or director, thoughts of improving workplace environment and employee productivity are always swimming around in the top of your mind. Regardless of the industry, when productivity levels dip it can cause a ripple effect that eventually moves to the profit and loss columns of your balance sheet.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to boost your employee performance management process, including the very effective concept of using employee engagement data. Your employees are your most valuable resource, and keeping them motivated and working efficiently is crucial. Here are some tips that will help:

Set Incremental, Measurable Goals

Setting goals is pretty basic when it comes to creating an efficient workplace, but not every management team creates them in increments, or makes them measurable for that matter. For many employees, setting goals that are a year or even six months away can sap motivation. When you create small and frequent short-term goals, it keeps employee engagement levels higher because the next goal is always within reach. When goals are measurable, it’s easy to not only determine progress, but to celebrate gains and make adjustments as needed.

Make Your Expectations Known

Even if you do well with setting regular goals, if your expectations aren’t communicated clearly, then the likelihood of those goals being reached will diminish. Assuming that each employee or department knows what you mean without any further communication rarely works out. Set clear expectations, and then manage those expectations through open communication.

Measure Results

Knowing what is working and what needs adjusting is a key component of improving employee productivity. Even if your employees meet your expectations and the goals you’ve set out, if the process is flawed in some way, the results will suffer. Today, it is easier than ever to measure a range of variables in the sales or manufacturing process and it’s important to take advantage of that.

Create Easy-to-Understand Guidelines

Improving the workplace environment requires everyone to be on the same page when it comes to behavior, processes, and policies. Employees are a team, all working toward a common goal, and if they are unsure of how to act or react in certain situations, the whole team suffers. Many workplaces have an employee handbook or set of guidelines. Look through yours and make any adjustments that need to be made, so everyone is always on the same page.

Don’t be Afraid to Discipline

The process of open communication, meeting expectations, and following guidelines also includes discipline as a crucial part of improving productivity in the workplace. In many cases, having a clear and concise discipline policy and carrying it out fairly when necessary will keep employee morale high because each member of the team will see that everyone is held accountable for their actions.

Consistency is Key

Nothing is a greater productivity killer than inconsistency on the part of management. When employees witness the creation of goals, guidelines and processes that aren’t executed consistently, it calls into question their own motivation. Why should they bother if even management can’t be bothered?

The Value of Employee Engagement Data

One of the most powerful tools, when it comes to creating the ideal workplace environment and improving workplace productivity, is knowing what your employees think. If productivity isn’t what you’d hoped, and collectively the team feels that it’s due to poor supervision or a flawed process, wouldn’t you want to know?

By surveying employees with carefully chosen questions through our own proven process, we’ve helped tens of thousands of employers to pinpoint issues, as well as satisfaction levels, that will enable you to reduce turnover and boost employee productivity for a more harmonious and profitable workplace. Take a moment to read through The Ultimate Guide to Improving Employee Engagement to find out how this valuable tool can benefit your company.

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