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5 Ways Team Building Benefits Your Business

Employee team building groupWhen employees work together as a team, enjoy a bit of fun competition to motivate each other, and achieve tasks on the daily to-do list, an organization can be successful in almost anything it strives to achieve.

By incorporating team-building exercises and activities into the workplace, you're providing not only a chance for your staff to bond with each other, and also encouraging cooperation and boosting employee engagement. Team-building activities can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, but they all serve the same purpose – to boost office morale, increase productivity, and improve the overall working environment. Consider facilitating team-building exercises into your daily work schedule to experience the following benefits.


1. Boosts Productivity

When staff members work together as a team, a noticeable boost in productivity will occur. Typically, one team member will step forward as the leader of the group and become responsible for the rest of the staff. Varying leadership styles might emerge among the different member of the group. Employees will learn valuable skills from one another that they may not realize on their own. 

Bringing multiple minds together enables team members to discuss different ideas they may have, rather than attempting to deal with the task on their own. Introducing team-building exercises to your office will foster the atmosphere needed to create a team that will work more efficiently.


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2. Increases Office Morale

Office morale is critical to the success of a business. When workers feel encouraged and enjoy what they do, they are more likely to be not only more productive, but to also produce high-quality work. Team-building exercises help boost communication, productivity, and creativity in the office.


3. Improves Communication

One of the quickest ways for a team to fall apart is lack of communication among the staff. One person could be working on one task that may not align with what someone else is doing. When the whole team communicates with each other, it not only includes each individual, but ensures everyone is on the same page.

Improving communication also helps manage any problems that might arise in the office. Better yet, having excellent communication could prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Team-building exercises put your employees in situations that encourage effective communication to complete any task given.


Inspiring creativity through team building4. Inspires Creativity

Creativity doesn’t always mean being artistic or creating a flashy presentation. Creativity can simply be pushing the boundaries to take a project to the next level. A successful business typically doesn’t stay within its comfort zone. The staff members push themselves outside of the box by taking the needed risks.

Team-building exercises encourage employees to utilize their creative side in a more controlled environment. Whether it be through problem-solving, brainstorming, or designing a new concept for completing a specific task, team activities emphasize that creative minds are essential to the success of the company.


5. Provides a Break

Sometimes, a little break from work is all the team needs to get rejuvenated. Productivity and the quality of work can quickly decline if the staff is overworked. Throwing in breaks once in a while can help clear the mind and allow people to relax and recharge before going back to work. Although team-building exercises are still work-related, they tend to be done so in a fun way that allows staff members to take a breather from daily tasks.

Facilitating a team atmosphere in the workplace benefits employees as well as the organization. But, achieving a healthy workplace environment requires participation from both staff and management. Exemplifying what you want your team to look like through your personal behavior will help guide the employees in the desired direction. Providing clear expectations and facilitating constructive feedback will help nurture a team-building environment that leads to success for staff members, management, and the organization.


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Guest Blogger: Ben Hoffman
Ben Hoffman is the co-founder of CityHUNT, an organization that develops team atmosphere for employers by encouraging positive workplace relationships among coworkers. Ben is known for delivering entertaining team-building events that are tailored to each client.
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