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BEST PRACTICE: Email Leadership to Introduce Your Upcoming Employee Survey

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Nice work! You've decided to use an employee survey to collect employee attitudes around engagement and satisfaction. You're doing this because you know that increasing engagement will improve your bottom line, attract the best talent, and generally make you a hero.

Now that you've chosen your vendor, it's time to put the word out to managers and leaders who were not involved in the planning phase.

At the leadership level, share not just the logistics around your plan to survey employees (i.e. timeline and process), but also the context of why it’s important (i.e. goals and culture stories). Whether yours is an organization that’s earned awards for excellent workplace culture or you’ve suffered the loss of employee trust, there’s a story there. Consider why the survey really matters to your employees and talk about that.

Use this email template as a starting point for your internal announcement.


SAMPLE: Email to Leadership

SUBJECT: We're increasing employee engagement at COMPANY NAME

Dear colleagues,

Whether we're talking about employee retention, productivity, or customer satisfaction, employee engagement affects our bottom line. That's why COMPANY NAME is working with Best Employee Surveys to collect our employee feedback in Q2.

Our primary goals include the measurement and benchmarking of employee satisfaction and engagement, so we can improve over time. Watch this 20 second video to get a sense of how employee engagement is affecting employers throughout the U.S. and to download an engagement checklist.

We'll make the survey available to all of our 1,250 employees working from 8 business units at 12 locations across the country. Our vendor, Best Employee Surveys, will ensure reliable data, respondent confidentiality, and actionable reporting.

Let me know if you have questions. Otherwise, we'll send more information in the coming weeks.




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