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Employee Comments: Eat Them Up!

Employee Comments: Eat Them Up!Need new ideas to engage employees? Occasionally, we like to share comments and ideas straight from the source: employees at top companies who ranked on a Best Places to Work list! How can you show your employees you care? While some may argue, the comments below all seem to point to one thing: FOOD!

Yes, food, glorious food, takes the cake this time in terms of what we found excites employees in the office. While we can’t say these findings are scientifically proven, we can say that food seems to be a common theme in what makes employees happy in our top companies.


Small Bites - Straight from Employee Comments

Here at Best Companies Group and Best Employee Surveys, we're known for our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. We notice, more and more often, that respondents mention positive sentiments toward food and snacks in the workplace. Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply a daily convenience, food makes an impact. See for yourself, when you read the below employee comments. These were collected during administration of our various Best Places to Work programs. 

Check out the employee comments below to hear what companies provide to boost morale and keep employees smiling! All comments come directly from our open-ended questions on our employee survey. These comments come directly from our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. As always, we have not altered or edited the responses in any way. Enjoy!


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"What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?"


people group catering buffet food indoor in luxury restaurant with meat colorful fruits  and vegetables“Entire firm had a big holiday party in December, another party in April at the Hard Rock in Times Square, and a 3 hour boat cruise around Manhattan just last week. They also offer meal deliveries when you work overtime and often take out employees for lunch.”

“Employees are empowered to do what they can to make the company succeed, in return the employees are treated with respect and are provided with various outlets to allow them to enjoy coming to work including food throughout the day, semi-monthly chair massages, pot-luck lunches and various other social events.”

“Free food and snacks every day, great office space and atmosphere. Competitive but fun environment to be in. Tons of small office events involving food, treats, games, and fun activities.”

This company is mostly about food and boy do we celebrate it here A LOT! Catered food, renting ice cream trucks (thrice at least in the few years I’ve been here), celebrating bdays, rewarding minor to major achievements with free meals, and more. 2. My team (aka ‘department’) hires really customer-focused, good people whose personality and work styles really fit each other–knock on wood! I work with the best, most positive team here.”

Every Friday afternoon we have “Frack” or Friday Snack, where one employee brings in some type of delicious food for the whole company. We have an unlimited vacation policy. The company covers 80 percent of our insurance premiums. We can work from home when we feel like it. Pretty much every policy this company has in place demonstrates how highly they value their employees.”

The kitchen is packed to the gills, there are constant improvements being made to the office, and the organization feels very flat and dynamic.”

Ice Cream Monday’s Taboo Game Lunches Pizza Day’s Marlins Game Day Company Picnics Yacht Christmas Parties Birthday Celebrations Holiday Potlucks Happy Hours Breakfast of the Month Program Sudoku Challenges Casual Day Everyday Churro Day’s Sponsorship for Charitable Walks Great Benefits Package 3 Weeks Paid Vacation”


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