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Employee Comments: Show Appreciation and Morale Shines!

Employee Comments: Show Appreciation and Morale Shines!Employee engagement isn’t all about how much money an employee makes, or the gifts they receive from their employer. For many employees, a kind word, a simple “thank you” or some peer recognition is all that is needed to keep morale high. Below are some comments from real employees that showcase the kind of recognition and appreciation they love to receive at work. These verbatim comments were collected using our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. We do not edit or alter reported responses in any way. Take some tips and show the love at your workplace today!


"What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?"


Employee Answers:

“It recognizes it’s employees for all accomplishments little or big every month and then again at an quarterly recognition meeting. The President still gives you a birthday card signed by him not stamped with a little something inside.”

“We have Quarterly Employee Recognition Meetings where employees are able to socialize with each other. Awards and rewards are given at the meetings and dinner is also served.”


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“The company has a form than anyone can use to recognize another employee for something they did. It is a great way for coworkers to show appreciation for each other. Not all companies encourage this the way our company does.”

“We are not treated as numbers. Our CEO knows EVERY employee’s name and who they are, what they like to do.”

“We have regular events to celebrate successful corporate goals. They provide lunch on Fridays and they do a great job of keeping the environment relaxed and fun. I have had other job offers that paid more, I have turned them down to stay in this great environment.”

“They treat people with respect and make many efforts to make the work environment lighthearted and fun while maintaining the expectancy of work results. An example of what they do well is extracurricular activities such as Turkey Bowl, indoor golf, Carnival Anniversary Celebration, etc.”

“We hold company bonding events such as holiday parties, summer picnics, friendly athletic competitions, happy hours. We have a fantastic peer recognition program.”

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