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BEST PRACTICE: A Survey Kickoff Letter From Your CEO

Our customers often want to know what are the best practices in a wildly successful employee survey project. Sending out a communication from your top local executive, or the CEO, is one great way to increase response rates, prepare your employees, Confident female designer working on a digital tablet in red creative office space.jpegand show leadership's support of the project. Use this sample as a jumping off point when crafting your own message from the CEO. Plan on sending this the day before your survey goes live. 


Sample Email From the CEO

From: Fearless Leader

To: Staff All <>

Subject: Memo from Fearless Leader - Best Employee Surveys

Good morning. Tomorrow you will receive an email from Best Employee Surveys, inviting you to 

participate in our annual employee engagement and satisfaction survey. We value your insights and perspectives. Please make time to complete the survey by Aug. 21.

I am proud of our company and I am always interested in ways we can become even better. Our associates are our largest and most important investment. This survey is one of the ways we collect information and input on how well we are doing in our workplace.

Your ratings and comments are completely confidential because your openness and honesty are so important to us. Even members of small teams cannot have their scores identified; any group of associates with fewer than five members is not reported separately.

Thank you in advance for your input. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Fearless Leader, CEO

Company Name

1500 Birch Street

Anytown, PA  17104



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Leila Zayed
As VP of Best Companies Group, Leila has established Best Places to Work programs, given talks on employee engagement topics all over the U.S., and launched our employee survey brand Best Employee Surveys. Before joining Best Companies Group, Leila had been a publisher at Mainebiz, a research analyst at several great firms, and an avid gardener. (She can still be found digging in the dirt most mornings before the office opens.) She received her training in social research from the University of Vermont. Leila resides in Portland, Maine with her son, Henry, their cat, Phoenix, and their flock of six pampered suburban chickens.
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