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Use Pulse Surveys to Increase Employee Engagement

Reviewing employee engagement and satisfaction results of a pulse surveyThey say that to increase employee engagement, the first step you take is to measure your baseline. But you did that. You've completed your employee engagement surveyanalyzed the results, communicated with your staff about those results, and then taken action to improve the organization. Now what? It's time to measure your progress against your goals!

Because most of our employee survey customers run their full Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey annually, whether independently or as part of a Best Places to Work awards program, they use a mid-year Pulse Survey to ask employees for feedback on only the handful of issues they were trying to affect. Read on to learn more about how to use Pulse Surveys to confirm that your action steps are working as intended.


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Questions Most Typically Found on Pulse Surveys

Simply put, you'll want to measure what you're trying to change. At the end of your employee survey, it became clear what two or three things you should work on to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Reports like your Key Driver Analysis and Employee Demographic Report revealed exactly what drives engagement at your organization as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Whatever you choose to focus your resources on for the sake of improvement, those are the attributes you should re-measure 4-6 months after your initial data collection. 

For example: Peter's Perfect Pickled Peppers (a fictional employer of 500 people with 8 locations across the U.S.) identified that the sales team felt that they couldn't trust what their supervisor told them, they didn't feel valued, and they didn't feel part of a team working toward a shared goal. While these attitudes were pervasive across the organization, they were particularly troubling among the sales team. So the executive leadership team worked with the human resources department to invest some resources into discovery conversations with members of the sales team, trust building exercises across the company, and even made some changes at the supervisory level.

Their mid-year Pulse Survey used by Peter's Perfect Pickled Peppers would ask only those questions about feeling trust, valued and part of a team. Perhaps it would also include an open-ended question, for respondents to elaborate on their feedback. 


The Process

Our Pulse Survey projects follow the same easy, 5-week process used by our full Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. We'll provide you with everything you need to set up the perfect survey project and end the work with an analysis call to review your feedback data reports.


Pulse Survey Reporting

Because Pulse Surveys are brief, usually containing fewer than five questions, the reports they generate are straightforward. You'll be able to compare your previous results to the new data, broken down by workplace demographics like department, location and business unit. This sample report includes two tabs, one for the rated statements and the second for open-ended comments. 


Experience the Survey 

Want to check out the Pulse Survey for yourself? Click through the demo to experience how fast and easy this valuable survey really is.
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