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Using an Employee Survey to Restructure Benefits Programs

Restructure benefits with employee surveyUsing an employee survey as a tool to gauge your employees’ true opinions about your company’s benefits program is essential. Learning what types of benefits employees appreciate most — as well as the types of benefits they would like to have — can help you restructure your employee compensation package to retain existing employees and attract more long-term employees. You can readily include questions about your benefits packages in your employee survey. Read on to learn some of the best practices we've used while surveying millions of employees to gather their feedback about their employers' benefits packages. Or, if you have more questions about surveying your employees, schedule a time to get those questions answered


Protect Respondent Confidentiality

One of the most crucial aspects of any employee survey is to ensure the respondent anonymity.  You'll enjoy better response rates, collect more accurate data, demonstrate respect, improve retention, and build trust. Whenever you collect employee feedback, use an outside vendor to protect employee anonymity. 


Ask the Right Questions

It's a big deal to collect employee feedback. There are a lot of considerations, like technology, confidentiality, communication, and then there's what you'll do with the data once you have it. If you and your survey provider are to solve all those problem, be sure you're asking the right questions before you launch. Are you isolating issues and attitudes? Are you collecting actionable demographic data? And, of course, you'll want to be sure to ask questions about each of the benefits programs you offer. Check out our Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey Demo, to get a sense of the kinds of questions that are being asked. Enter the code "demo" for instant access.


Benchmark Against the Competition

Knowing how you stack up against employers of your size, in your industry, is powerful intel. When you consider the questions you'll ask and the survey provider you'll work with, consider whether or not benchmarking data reports will be available to you. And don't stop there! Be sure you ask questions you'd be asking again in the future. Benchmarking against yourself, year-over-year, is the only way to measure improvement. 


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Take Action

When your employees give you their feedback, they want to see you respond to it. The first step is to communicate. Let your employees know that you heard them, loud and clear. Tell them you appreciate the honest feedback. Tell them that the leadership is working on an action plan to address what was uncovered. 

Best of all, if you work with the right survey provider, you can see employee your response data by department, location, and business unit. When you know that there's a problem in the sales department, or a victory on the administrative team, that's important information.  


Learn More

It's powerful to know what your employees think! You can identify problems like poor supervision, communication breakdown, and mounting plans to leave your company before expensive turnover affects your business.

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