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What Are the Top Employee Engagement Trends Of 2017?

Top Employee Engagement TrendsAll employers want employees that are more engaged. Despite that fact, recent statistics suggest that employee engagement is at a low ebb. This leaves business leaders wondering what can be done.

Here's a look at some of the trends we see on the horizon that can provide some insight into how to engage employees.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Recognition coming from the top down is slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Increasingly, companies are adopting peer-to-peer recognition models that serve to make employees feel more valued and connected to the organization. This kind of recognition also seems to be more meaningful to employees.

More Frequent Performance Feedback

In this age of Yelp reviews and immediate feedback for all aspects of human existence, younger generations don't want to wait a year for their annual review to find out how they're doing and to provide feedback of their own. Companies are now initiating more frequent check-ins and feedback on performance.

Structural Changes

In an effort to shift emphasis away from authoritarian models to more egalitarian ones that promote a greater team atmosphere, many companies are replacing their hierarchical structure with a more horizontal one. In a horizontal structure, teams can work more collaboratively and effectively.

This kind of change can increase employee engagement by allowing them to be more effective and to see the direct impact of their efforts.

A Greater Focus on Innovation and Change

Change is happening all around us at a faster rate than ever before. To remain competitive and relevant, companies must adapt to change quickly and recognize any of its inherent opportunities. In order for an enterprise to have that agility, its employees must also have those qualities.

It stands to reason, then, that employees should have the ability to challenge and improve existing processes and methodologies within the organization. When employees are given the opportunity to be involved with the company and contribute to change and growth, they will inevitably feel more connected and engaged.

A Greater Culture of Recognition

In a competitive market for top-quality employees, candidates tend to favor those companies that value and recognize great employees. Recognition is becoming increasingly more tied to results. Companies that value and recognize behaviors and qualities that contribute to making it a high-performing and successful entity, such as innovation, strategic thinking, and collaboration, are seeing the greatest benefit from their recognition practices.

A Work/Life Blend

Flexibility and adaptability from companies continue to be characteristics that are highly valued by employees. Today's employees tend to not make a clear distinction between their private and work lives. The time they spend at work is a part of their social life, and time spent at home can include hours of productive work.

Companies that adopt policies and practices that reflect this work/life blend are more likely to have engaged employees. Such policies can include flexible work hours and work from home opportunities.

Policies like rigid work schedules and dress codes that are seen as being limiting or restrictive by employees are likely to soon become a thing of the past, as they are not how to engage employees successfully.


To be sure, the concept of empowering employees as a way of improving their engagement is not a new one by any means. Nevertheless, the movement to give employees greater authority and autonomy will continue to spread among companies everywhere. When staff members feel that they have a part to play in how their work is done, they tend to feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their job. They also are more likely to come up with innovations and ways to improve the company as a whole.

Many companies that want to empower their workforce more are turning towards employee engagement surveys as a means to do so. They can be effective tools to give employees a voice and to be an active part of improving their work environment.

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