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Which is Best for Your Organization: Best Places to Work Program Participation or an Employee Survey Project?

Choosing between a Best Places to Work Program and an Employee Engagement SurveyWhen you're ready to measure employee engagement and satisfaction - and to reap all of the benefits that come with high levels of both - we have two ways to accomplish just that:

  1. Participate in one or more of our 70+ Best Places to Work awards programs; or
  2. Run a Best Employee Surveys project.

Both methods make available to you our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. Arguably the industry standard, this tool is used by our survey project and Best Places to Work participants alike. What's more: we've used it to collect feedback from 6,000 employers (and their more than 800,000 employees) in just the last year. That means that not only can you feel comfortable knowing this proven tool is the best available, but also that we've created an easy process and offer tons of benchmarking data.

But, which survey method – participating in Best Places to Work or conducting a survey project – is best for your team? While there are nuances, the three primary differences between your two options are time, messaging, and investment. Read on to consider your options. 



When you survey with an awards program, you’ll have to survey employees on the program timeline and wait an average of 2 - 3 months for report delivery. This may be the right option for your organization if the benefits of investment and messaging are strong. Consider the following aspects of timing as it relates to our employee survey options.


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Participation in a Best Places to Work program requires commitment to the program timeline. These timelines can be found on the registration websites of each individual program. When program participation or awards acquisition is your primary goal, this is usually an easy criteria to meet. If, however, your primary goal is to get your hands on your employee feedback data as soon as possible, then adhering to a program timeline can oftentimes be too restrictive. On the other hand, when you launch a Best Employee Surveys project, you may survey your employees at whatever time of year is most convenient for your goals and workforce.

The date of report delivery is also determined by the Best Places to Work program timeline. Conversely, your Employee Feedback Report will be available two weeks after survey administration when you choose to conduct an Employee Engagement and Satisfaction survey.




One of the most notable benefits of our Best Places to Work programs is their affordability. With an average participation and report fee of just $1000, our program partners bring to market the opportunity to measure employee engagement and satisfaction on a grand scale. This is possible because of volume. So many employers go through the process at the same time, thus driving the cost down for everyone.

Of the Best Places to Work program participants that have goals around collecting actionable employee feedback data, most will customize their employee surveys to reflect the job roles and departments at their organization, add questions, or include additional demographic categories such as “location.” They almost always survey all of their employees, rather than using the required sample size. While engaging these options may increase the total participation fee in Best Places to Work programs, the options are available and the project will likely continue to have a smaller price tag than an employee survey project.

Our Best Employee Surveys customers invest a larger budget into their employee survey for the sake of control over timeline, customizations, messaging, and other factors specific to that employer’s goals. Employee survey projects start at $4995. 





When an organization uses one of our Best Places to Work programs to administer their Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey, they can expect to see the logo of that awards program on their employee survey as well as the reports they receive at the end of the program. While in many cases, this can be a good thing (i.e. demonstrates that your organization values such a pursuit), it can feel not quite right in certain situations. Some examples include: when you have employees working outside the program area (who might wonder why they are receiving a survey for one state when they live and work in another) or when an organization has been through big changes like a change in leadership or a recent acquisition. In cases like this, we might recommend using a Best Employee Surveys project to collect your employee feedback and then importing any relevant data into the program/s of your choice. 




What if You Want it All?

Some employers want to participate in Best Places to Work programs and enjoy the benefits of a faster and more flexible timeline for survey administration and reports delivery. Or perhaps, they want to survey employees across the U.S., apply data to multiple Best Places to Work programs, but don't want the survey branded with any particular region or industry. While there are important considerations that may affect your eligibility to do this (such as collecting data within 60 days of the program timeline), this is a great option for some employers. Set up a call with one of our employer coaches to find out if this option works well for your goals. 


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It’s powerful to know what your employees think. You can identify problems like poor supervision, communication breakdown, and mounting plans to leave your company before expensive turnover affects your business. Getting your hands on your Employee Feedback Reports has never been so easy and affordable. Decide which method is right for your team and let us know how we can help. You can also choose from organization would benefit from a leadership or custom employee surveys to gather the most actionable data for your needs.

We provide survey tools and comprehensive reporting, offering customizable options to ensure that your organization is capturing data in the most effective way. Because we survey 800,000 employees, representing their 6,000 employers, each year, we have extensive data that supports trending analyses and ongoing research by a number of authors, researchers and presenters. Put it to work for your company.


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