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BEST PRACTICE: Survey Wrap-Up From Human Resources

Creative team putting their hands together in circleYou did it! You set your goals, surveyed your employees, and now you're looking forward to your reports analysis call. Our customers often want to know what are the best practices in a wildly successful employee survey project. Sending out a communication from your human resources team is one great way to acknowledge the end of survey administration, build trust, and thank your employees. Use this sample as a jumping off point when crafting your own message from human resources. Plan on sending this out within 1 week of your survey close date. 


Sample Email From Human Resources

From: Director of Human Resources

To: Staff All <>

Subject: Employee Engagement Survey - Thank you!

As you know, we've recently closed our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. I'd like to share with you that it was a huge success! Here are some particulars you might be interested to know:

  • Our final response rate was 74%, while average response rates for organizations like ours tend to be around 70%;
  • The anonymous feedback that you've shared will enable us to understand current levels of employee and satisfaction within the organization;
  • Our next steps are to work with Best Employee Surveys to analyze the data and determine which areas of the organization need our attention; and
  • We plan to share the results of the survey with everyone at our All-Staff Meeting on DATE.

Thank you for all that you've done to make this effort a success! Stay tuned for next steps.


Director of Human Resources

Company Name

1500 Birch Street

Anytown, PA  17104




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Leila Zayed
As VP of Best Companies Group, Leila has established Best Places to Work programs, given talks on employee engagement topics all over the U.S., and launched our employee survey brand Best Employee Surveys. Before joining Best Companies Group, Leila had been a publisher at Mainebiz, a research analyst at several great firms, and an avid gardener. (She can still be found digging in the dirt most mornings before the office opens.) She received her training in social research from the University of Vermont. Leila resides in Portland, Maine with her son, Henry, their cat, Phoenix, and their flock of six pampered suburban chickens.
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